Born in Brazil and graduating with Masters in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016, Blümke exhibits in Singapore and internationally. Her work was invited by the Brazilian Ambassador to Singapore to inaugurate the first solo show of the Brazilian Cultural Centre, at the Brazilian Embassy. Amongst other showcases, her work has been exhibited at ION Art Gallery, Substation Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts, Praxis Gallery, the Jakarta Arts Centre, and Maya Gallery. Blümke’s works are primarily paintings dealing with form, expressive lines, and colors. She is often inspired by material manipulation and the unconscious mind, with an interest in how art can become a bridge between the artist, the viewer, and the active use of the moment.

“With my work I hope to inspire the viewer to see possibilities. In my manipulation of materials I show them in a different form, I am redirecting their purpose and creating a new destiny for them. Each material has been given a chance to exist in it’s own right. The same happens in human lives and relationships. We are always changing, struggling and making great discoveries. With my work, I try to show that it's never too late to embrace chances and changes. Whatever the situations that appear in our lives, we can adapt, adjust or transform them to become wonderful things. We create magic.”